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Video Of Amputee Air Force Capt. Christy Wise Returning To Flight

August 05, 2016

Fifteen months after Air Force Captain Christy Wise lost her leg in a boating accident, Wise returned to flight by getting into the cockpit of an HC-130J Combat King II.

The boating accident occurred when Christy Wise and her boyfriend Tim Wise were in the water in Shalimar, Florida on Aril 11, 2015. She noticed a boat speeding her way and to try to get them to turn, she flashed her headlamp. The boat did not change its course and came directly at Wise.

After the boat struck her, she swam down to get out of its way, but was caught by the boats propeller and it severely damaged her right leg. She got her leg amputated from the knee up as a result and was lucky to still be alive.

She then spent months in rehabilitation and managed to pass the Air Force PT test by completing the 1.5 mile running test in 13.54 minutes.

Only nine weeks after her accident, she competed in and won several medals at the Wounded Warrior Games. This past year she also participated in the Invictus Games.


Two weeks ago, she flew her first training mission at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia.