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(VIDEO) CNN Anchor Blows Up At Former Secret Service Agent Who Calls Out Media’s Second Amendment Attacks

August 12, 2016

CNN’s Don Lemon got into a heated discussion with former secret service agent, Dan Bongino regarding Trump’s comments Tuesday at a North Carolina rally where he said that “Second Amendment people” would do whatever they do if Hillary Clinton wins because she will appoint justices to the Supreme Court that will be in favor of more gun control and will undermine the Second Amendment.

After Trump’s comments, many people as well as some of the media, including the New York Times, took Trump’s comments out of context as a call for “Second Amendment people” to attack Hillary Clinton and be violent.

One of the people who considered Trump’s comments to be a threat was CNN’s Don Lemon, who blew up at former Secret Service Agent, Dan Bongino while discussing Trump’s comments.

“I’m trying not to break down in laughter,” Bongino said, disagreeing that Trump’s comments were violent.  “This conversation’s almost broken into the comical realm.”

“It’s clear he’s trying to motivate people to go out and vote based on the potential to an open Supreme Court seat,” Bongino said.

He added that the suggestion that Trump’s comments were a call for violence “utter absurdity.”

“Dan, what you’re saying right now makes no sense,” Lemon said. “I’m sitting at home, I’m watching Donald Trump. I have two ears and I have two eyes and I can see the reactions of the people behind me. We’re not stupid.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” Lemon said.

“Frankly, I’m ashamed that you’re talking to me as if I’m a child,” Bongino said. “You don’t know crap about this, Don. You’re a TV guy. I was a Secret Service Agent. Now cut off my mic. Do what you wanna do.”

“I’m gonna tell you that you’re sitting here and you’re lying to the American people,” Lemon responded.

Bongino added that a couple of people as well as himself have read these comments to which he said were “nonsense.”