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This Is What’s Going On With U.S. Possibly Moving Nukes From Turkey, Closer To Russia

August 19, 2016

The United States is reportedly moving nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania after receiving reports that ISIS was planning on stealing the weapons in Turkey. There are approximately 50 nuclear warheads sorted at the Incirlik Air Base near the Syrian border. Two independent sources have reported that at least 20 of the missiles will be moved to Romania, a country that shares a border with Ukraine. The Pentagon has reported that nearly 40,000 Russian troops have amassed on Russia border with Ukraine in preparation for a possible clash with Ukrainian troops. The Pentagon denies any plans to move the nuclear weapons or any allegations that they are being moved in response to the Russian presence near the border.

U.S. service members have already been evacuated from the Air base and many analysts believe the nukes followed, or are in the process of following. Various technical and political challenges may have slowed the movement. A report from the Stimson Center confirmed that approximately 50 U.S. tactical nuclear weapons have been stationed at the base.

With the presence U.S. service members dwindling or becoming flat out non-existent and the sensitive nature of the  Turkish government following the attempted Coup fears of not being able to maintain control over the weapons. The Turks rocky relationship with NATO and strengthening ties with the Russian government may have also caused a move. Russian bombers recently used a Turkish base to bomb ISIS members in Syria, indicating a growing relationship between the two countries.

The Romanian foreign ministry has also denied receiving any nuclear weapons from the U.S. However, with Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Italy all hosting U.S. nuclear weapons it is likely Romania has also accepted weapons from the U.S. but is exercising well-needed discretion.