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The Other Clinton Scandal: Bill Clinton Took $5.6M From Dubai Sharia-Law “Education Co.” & Served As Hon. Chairman

August 05, 2016

Former President Bill Clinton received $5.6 million from a Dubai-based company that teaches Sharia Law throughout its network of more than 100 schools in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The Dubai-based GEMS education foundation made Bill Clinton an honorary chairman from 2011 to 2014. During that time Clinton would receive the money in several payments. His largest payout came in 2014 when a single payment earned him $2.1 million, according to Federal Income Tax Records.

The for-profit company has also donated between $1 to $5 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation according to the foundation website.  Neither the Clinton Foundation or GEMS in Dubai have commented on the donations.

Sharia Law is the religious legal system of Islam and is widely viewed as barbaric and anti-Western culture. It is used to govern members of the Islamic faith according to moral and religious law derived from religious prophecy in the Quran and the Hadith. It covers a range of topics from crime to politics to marriage contracts and even personal matters like sexual intercourse and diet. It is regularly practiced throughout the Middle East but, due to cultural differences, many of the practices are seen as barbaric or cruel to Westerners.

The Islamic legal system is openly homophobic and oppressive to women. Sharia-prescribed punishment are brutal and involve corporal punishments such as beheading, floggings and stoning. The fundamental and ideological differences between the values imposed on Muslims by Sharia Law and the values of Western culture often clash, making the donations Clinton received from GEMS questionable to many Americans. Sharia law is  popular among Islamic Jihadi’s and terrorist organizations and is percieved as superior to all secular authorities.

Counter Stephen Coughin is one of many government officials perplexed by the relationship between Clinton and GEMS. He raised an important question during an interview with the DNCF:

“Why would Bill Clinton be participating in programs that teach Sharia in foreign countries where that is the specific objective of the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and al-Qaeda?”

GEMS is one of the largest educational programs in the Middle East. Their schools are located in 170 countries and claims there are over 250,000 students enrolled in their program.