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PC Culture Prevents Teachers At North Carolina School From Calling Students “Boys & Girls”

August 26, 2016

Teachers at  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in Charlotte, NC, have been advised to stop calling their students “boys and girls.” Instead, progressives and school administrators have mandated that all teachers refer to their students only as “scholars” or “students” in order to show support for transgender students. All teachers and classroom assistants at the school have been required to attend a workshop titled “Transgender 101.”A 57-page training manual has been distributed to prepare school employees for any gender-related issues that may arise.

The manual outlines proper procedure for communicating with all students going forward. Teachers are advised to avoid using any pronouns that aren’t considered to be “gender-neutral” and may not utilize any classroom management techniques that involve gender. Meaning students can not be lined up in groups by gender or addressed as “he” or “she.” The 57-page manual covers a varitey of “gender-sensitive topics” and the cover features a “gender unicorn” cartoon character that is being used to explain gender issues.

The “gender unicorn” from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 57-page transgender issues training manual.

The school plans to work with each child’s parents to determine whether or not a student identifies as a boy or girl. The school states that this aspect of the gender issues plan will prevent teachers from accidentally “outing” students unintentionally. The the presentation representatives from the school stated:

“Staff must take care not to ‘out’ a student to others, including the parents of an older student, without the student’s consent. In contacting the parents, use the student’s name/pronoun on birth certificate unless student or parent says otherwise.”

The school plans to begin utilizing gender neutral bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and other necessary facilities but have placed these actions on hold until federal court rulings determine the legality of such facilities. The school district states that the program is part of a new, expanded, anti-bulling campaign that is being run district-wide.