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Paris Hilton Says She Fears She Will Be An ISIS Target

August 01, 2016

The former reality tv-star and now DJ in Spain, Paris Hilton told a Spanish newspaper that she believes in the aftermath of a string of violent terrorist attacks conducted by ISIS in Europe, she could be one of their next targets because she is famous.

Hilton told Spanish newspaper, Diario De Ibiza that because of the recent terrorist attacks that were conducted in both Germany and France, she will now have to “watch her back.”

Hilton told the newspaper that when she travels she does not feel safe.

“What’s happening is horrible. The recent attacks in Nice and Germany are terrible,” Hilton said.“I’m constantly moving around from one country to another, and I’m a famous person who could be a definite target for an attack, and that is something that sometimes terrifies me.”

Hilton added that she is unlike other celebrities who hire bodyguards to protect themselves.

“I’m also a very free person who tries not to be afraid of anything. I just make sure I always watch my back. I always go out alone and without security,” Hilton said. “Many celebs have 10 bodyguards but I like to go out with my friends and be normal because I want to be like everyone else. I’m not going to give up anything.”