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North Korea Dictator Tells Starving People To Eat Their Dogs: Now a “Superfood” He Says

August 18, 2016

Kim Jong Un is encouraging the starving and malnourished people of North Korea to satiate their hunger pangs with meat procured from man’s best friend. The delusional leader of the Democratic Republic of Korea is telling the people of North Korea that dog meat is a superfood capable of giving those that eat it superhuman stamina. He goes on to claim that dog meat is good for the intestines and stomach and contains more vitamins than chicken, beef, pork, and duck.

He refers to dog meat as a “stamina-inducing” super food in an effort inspire the already over-worked and under-fed workers of North Korea to eat their own pets. DPRK Today, a North Korean propaganda Youtube channel has reported that the nutritional value of our four-legged friends can be increased by beating the dog to death before stripping it’s fur and scorching it’s flesh.

Other propaganda sources have also advocated for the consumption of dog meat in the poverty-stricken country. Popular North Korean radio broadcaster Tongil Voice told listeners that dog meat stew is the “finest medicine.” The Korean Central Television (KCTV) network also recently covered the reopening of a restaurant in North Korea’s capital city of Pyongyang that is intent on making dog meat “more unique.”

Dog meat is a popular dietary staple of the North Korean diet. The country is notorious for keeping its people underfed but a recent food shortage caused by poor rainfall last year has caused rice rations to plummet. The government seems to be searching for creative alternative food sources in response.