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Incredible Fighter Jet Crashes On Aircraft Carriers Caught On Tape

August 02, 2016

The seemingly easiness and gracious manner on which most pilots are able to land their aircraft on the flying deck of moving aircraft carriers could give the untrained eye the impression that it’s an easy feat. After all, so many flying hours are logged without a single incident, not even a hiccup. You would be justified to think that it’s as easy as pie. You would be wrong.

This video documents the craziness of the business. Moreover, it’s a testament to the amazing ability of most pilots, who are able to fly in and out, day in and day out, without a scratch. But not everyone is so lucky. Just watch.


Are you surprise that, given the degree of difficulty that takes to land on a moving aircraft carrier, there aren’t more accidents of this type? Sound off and share your opinion and comments in the section below.