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Hilarious live video shows “common sense gun control” people know nothing about guns

August 18, 2016

Political commentator and actor Steven Crowder decided to set up an experiment to see just how well people that want “common sense” gun control knew about firearms.

He set up a tent for “Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform” to ask people that do not own and are not interested in guns, how much they knew about firearms and which ones should be banned based on “common sense.”

Crowder quickly finds out that the people who are in favor or “common sense” gun control know very little about guns in the first place and what they are capable of. The people involved in the experiment decided which guns should be banned based on how it makes them feel and what it looks like.

Passerby judges rifle based on how it looks (YouTube)

For example, many people wanted more “tactical looking” firearms banned, but yet other kinds of rifles displayed on the table were fine, such as hunting rifles. Crowder does point out on the side that the AR-15 is actually a popular small game hunting rifle but because it looks tactical, it should be banned.

“No, look at it,” one of the passerby’s says in the video. “It’s not a hunting gun”

Crowder points out in the video that the AR-15 does not stand for “assault rifle” as many people believe the rifle stands for. Instead, it stands for the “ArmaLite,” the company that created the AR-15 in the 1950’s.

Steven Crowder shows “common sense gun control” people have little to no knowledge of guns (YouTube)

Several people later get tripped up on the caliber that is fired from the guns. While they agreed that people should have the right to own a particular rifle, they did not agree with the caliber that the rifle fires. In other cases, people agreed with the type of caliber the rifle fires, but not the rifle itself.

“The wood and the metal confuses people” Crowder says.

People were also not well informed on what types of guns were used in crimes and thought that the AR-15 is used in many cases, but as Crowder points out, from 2007 to 2015, 70% of shooting murders are from handguns.

One of the passerby’s calls out the NRA for being “unregulated,” adding, “they’re the lousiest keeper of guns in the country.”

Steven Crowder shows that “common sense gun control” people know nothing about guns (YouTube)

As Crowder points out at the very end of the video, the people that want to place bans on guns are the same people that have little to no knowledge of guns.

Check it out: