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German Politicians Are Sick Of It All: Demand Banning Burqas And Deportation Of Refugees

August 12, 2016

The German government is calling on Chancellor Angela Merkel to ban burqas and put an end to dual citizenship in an attempt to quell the recent increase in terrorist attacks on German soil. The recent uptick in terror attacks has forced politicians and lawmakers to call for new national security measures including a ban on all burqas, the deportation of preachers and Imams that preach terrorism, and an end to the dual citizenship status for refugees that makes deporting known and suspected terrorists difficult. Ministers from 16 different German states have demanded Germany follow in Britain and France’s footsteps by prohibiting women from covering their faces with burqas in public and taking more drastic steps to combat terrorism.

These “more drastic steps” are outlined in a document known as the Berlin Declaration. It outlines 27 new measures to increase national security. One of the most controversial new measures will ban women from covering their faces in public. Opponents argue that the ban would call for an amendment to the German constitution on the grounds that it limits an individuals religious freedom.

The most significant portion of the declaration will outlaw dual citizenship for refugees. Current laws allow refugees and those born in Germany to immigrant parents to maintain dual citizenship between Germany and their home country. Lawmakers state that this prevents true cohesion and integration between refugees and German citizens. The document calls for Merkel to cast out any individual that puts another government before Germany. The declaration reads:

“We reject this divided loyalty. We suggest whoever wants to get involved with the politics of foreign governments leaves Germany.”

The proposal would allow the German government to strip ISIS fighters or affiliates of their citizenship. Any non-citizen that is deemed a “danger to public safety” will be open to deportation. The document further strengthens the German governments power to fight Radical Islam by allowing them to deport any Imam or priest preaching Radical Islam or calling for attacks on non-muslim to be deported on their first offense.

It is believed that politicians are attempting to have the measures laid out in the document will be put into effect before the upcoming election.