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French Muslims Refuse To “Taint” Islam By Giving Terrorist Priest Beheader A Proper Burial

August 01, 2016

Muslim religious leaders in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France, have taken a public stance against radical Islam by refusing to prepare or bury the body of Adel Kermiche. Kermiche is one of the deranged teenage terrorists that murdered 86-year-old French priest Father Jacques Hamel. Kermiche and his accomplice, fellow self-proclaimed ISIS fighter Malik Petitjean, slit Hamel’s throat on camera after taking him hostage during a morning Mass. The two teenage Jihadist were shot to death by police while trying to flee the scene.

After the attack ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack calling the two men “soldiers of the Islamic State” and released a video of the two men declaring their loyalty to the terrorist organization that they made shortly before carrying out the massacre. Local Muslims are taking a stand against ISIS and Radical Islam by disowning Kermiche and Petitjean from their community and refusing to bury them as Muslims.

Mohammed Karabila, president of the local Muslim cultural association and imam at a local mosque, has stated that they refuse to recognize Kermiche as a Muslim because the act they committed is unIslamic. He states that acknowledging these men as Muslims would “taint” Islam. He told reporters at the local French newspaper, Le Parisien:

“We’re not going to taint Islam with this person. We won’t participate in preparing the body or the burial.”

Other Muslims in the area have come forward supporting Karabila’s sentiments. Khalid El Amrani, a 25-year-old technician, stated:

“What this young man did is sinful; he is no longer part of our community.”

Hubert Wulfranc, mayor of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, will make the final decision on whether or not Kermiche will be buried in the town. Karrabila told Sky News that if Wulfranc requests the mosque receive the body he would be required to assign someone to oversee the process, and would begrudgingly do so. The family has not yet commented on whether or not they want Kermiche buried in a local mosque.

See the video of Kermiche and Petitjean declaring their allegiance to ISIS below.