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Delusional North Korea Says It Will Attempt To Plant Flag On Moon – Disregarding Sanctions

August 05, 2016

The delusional leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has vowed to disregard internal sanctions set by NASA and plant a North Korean Flag on the moon within the next decade.  Kim has ordered a five-year-plan that would put a North Korean geostationary earth observation satellite into orbit by the year 2020. The new satellite will join two other North Korean satellites currently orbiting the earth, KMS-4 and KMS-3-3. If successful, the geostationary would remain in orbit over the country indefinitely, allegedly “solving communication problems” and providing farming and weather information. Critics are calling the “lunar aspirations” a thinly-veiled rouse to pursue the rocket technology necessary for nuclear weapons.

Experts say a North Korean mission to the moon is not probable but also isn’t impossible. Several other nations have sent unmanned space craft to the moon to symbolically plant their own flag. North Korea has already demonstrated it has the capability to launch stations into orbit, however, launching their first geostationary satellite would be a major technological step forward and legitimate step towards reaching the moon. Hyon Kwang Il, director of the scientific research department of North Korea’s National Aerospace Development Administration, stated during a meeting on July 28:

“We are planning to develop the Earth observation satellites and to solve communications problems by developing geostationary satellites. All of this work will be the basis for the flight to the moon,”

Kim Jong Un plans to have scientists focus on launching the geostationary satellite while expanding educational programs to train rocket scientists. Korea has launched a variety of rockets in the past few months, both military and scientific. It has fired several ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan and put its latest satellite KMS-4, or Brilliant stary 4, into orbiti as recently as February 7, 2016.

These tests earned the country new sanctions for violating UN resolutions banning the country from conducting nuclear tests and rocket launches that can have military applications. Kwang Il outrageously claims that the country can already strike anywhere in the world, even U.S. territory, with its rockets and that the launches are purely scientific.

Despite these outrageously false claims, the U.N. is still wary of allowing North Korea to develop rocket technology unchecked and has no intention of removing the sanctions.