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Concealed Carry Permit Applications Hit New Records Under Obama: 1.73M+ In 2015 Alone

August 11, 2016

The number of concealed carry permit holders in the United States has soared to record-breaking heights during Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House. A new study by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that the number of approved applications for concealed carry permits has increased by 215 percent since 2007. In 2015 a record-breaking 1.73 million permits were approved in states that require them. Many gun-loving Americans may be surprised to learn that women and black are a major driving force for the increase. Both groups have shown an increasing interest in exercising their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves and loved ones while in public.

John. R. Lott Jr., President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, attributes the explosion in concealed carry permits to increasingly restrictive gun control measures being pushed by the Obama administration and democratic lawmakers. He went on to point out the absurdity of these ineffective and unconstitutional measures by pointing out that as the number of concealed carry permits has increased murder rates across the nation have dropped. Lott commented on Obama’s irrational gun control measures:

“Part of it is just Obama. We have had a big increase in people buying guns, but it’s pretty clear it’s broader, It’s not just the number of guns, it’s clear more people are using guns.”

The report states that approximatley six percent of Americans are registered concealed carry permit holders. However, the number of gun-carrying Americans is likely much higher as 11 states do not require permits for concealed carry. Lott claims that this explosion in interest can be attributed to a sudden interest in firearms among blacks and women. In an abstract of the report he states:

“some evidence suggests that permit-holding is increasing about 75% more quickly among minorities than among whites”

He went on to claim that the rate of women applying for concealed carry permits is increasing at nearly twice the rate of men applying for the same license.

The report shows that the number of permit holders is increasing in every state across the board. In ten states more than one out of every ten adults is carrying a concealed firearm. Indiana boasts the most concealed carry permit holders while South Dakota trails closes behind with 14.7 percent of the adult population holding a permit. Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas refused to be outdone, each state boast over one million active permit holders.

Gun sales are expected to continue to increase as long as Obama remains in office. The trend is also projected to continue if Hillary Clinton is elected president. A long history of supporting anti-Second Amendment legislation has many gun-loving Americans fear her presidency will cause a complete abolition of the Second Amendment.