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Canadian ISIS-Sympathizing Terrorist Gunned Down On His Way To Carry Out Attack

August 12, 2016

Canada’s National Police Force has thwarted an attempted suicide bombing in Ontario. 23-year-old Aaron Driver was shot during an attempted bombing Wednesday night. Driver was a known terrorist sympathizer and ISIS supporter. Driver brazenly released a martyrdom video declaring his allegiance to ISIS the night before the attack. The video allowed the FBI to tip local authorities off to his planned bombing. Police were able to intercept Driver as he entered a cab with a homemade bomb he planned to detonate at a highly-populated area that same night. Driver detonated the explosive inside the cab, killing the cab driver and severely injuring himself, before being killed by police gunfire.

Driver was a Canadian citizen originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The home grown jihadi that was under police surveillance for at least one year leading up to the attack. He converted to Islam at age 17 and radicalized quickly after. He became extremely outspoken on social media, regularly denouncing Canadian culture, supporting ISIS terror attacks around the world, and expressing interest in moving to the Middle East. He planned to one day join ISIS and live under Sharia Law.

His online activity eventually garnered the attention of the FBI in 2015. An investigation was launched and Driver was ultimately deemed a danger to national security. He was completely restricted from the internet, carrying any form of ISIS apparel or memorabilia, using a cell-phone, and fitted with a GPS tracking device. FBI officials feared he would attempt to aid ISIS Jihadi’s in the U.S. or attempt to recruit fighters to the cause. These restrictions would all be lifted by August, 2016.

Police have stated that the threat posed by Driver has been neutralized. They have not released the exact details surrounding his attempted bombing but have assured the public that no IEDs or homemade bombs have been planted by Driver.