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Brock Lesnar Suspended From UFC For Failing Two Drug Tests In July

August 24, 2016

Following two failed drug tests in preparation for UFC 200, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar was temporarily suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission on Tuesday.


During the hearing on Tuesday, The Nevada State Athletic Commission revealed that Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene and hydroxy-clomiphene, which are anti-estrogen agents. His first failed drug test came on June 28 and on the day of UFC 200 on July 9. The positive test results only came in after his fight with Mark Hunt. He had been tested eight times before the fight.

Lesnar faces a potential two-year suspension from both Nevada and USADA. He is expected to have a formal hearing at a later date.

“To my fans that watch me in the octagon, I thank them for their support,” Lesnar told TMZ Sports. “This has been a bumpy road. I’m gonna get through this alright. And there will be a day, maybe, that they’ll see me back in the octagon.”

Separately, on Tuesday, the WWE announced that Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon would fine Brock Lesnar a measly $500 for his attack on Randy Orton that left his head all bloodied at WWE Summerslam 2016.

Orton recieved ten stitches on his forehead after Brock Lesnar repeatedly elbowed Orton in the head until his skull began bleeding.

“I was told that was the [planned] finish,” wrestling journalist Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Radio. He added that it is uncertain if the blood was part of the plan, or if Lesnar and Orton had planned amongst themselves to add more drama to the match.

According to Wrestling Observer’s, Dave Metlzer,  Chris Jericho was so confused and upset about how the fight turned out that he confronted Lesnar backstage and the two got into an argument. Reportedly, the two began shoving one another and were close to exchanging blows between each other.

Triple H and vince McMahon were forced to intervene in the confrontation to break it up.

Reportedly, Orton talked to Jericho and assured him that he was aware of everything that was coming during the fight.

“It’s very obvious that there’s rules for Brock and there’s rules for everyone else,” Meltzer said on Sunday.

In the past, Lesnar has said the word, “sh*t” on live television besides failing two drug tests in July. Lesnar, the WWE’s second highest paid wrestler did not receive any punishment for cursing on live televisino. Lesnar has pulled in $6 million this year for roughly ten WWE preformances this year.

The WWE has been pushing towards a more “PG” stance to draw in younger fans into the sport and having blood included in the fight is not a part of that push.