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Britain: Russian Warfare In The Ukraine Could Signal The Early Beginning Of Impending WW3

August 10, 2016

A recently leaked British document has sparked fears that Russia is using the Ukraine battlefield to prepare for all out war with the U.N. and the West. The document shows that Russia is preparing for a modern war that will be fought on the battlefield and over the internet. The Russian military is fine-tuning its tools of warfare and, if a war with the West were to occur, the Russian government has plans to cause mass-chaos through electronic propaganda campaigns and is preparing to fight a digital and electronic war with the most up-to-date technology possible. Russian activity has become increasingly aggressive as the military prepares. Top NATO generals have instructed politicians to become more “swift” and unforgiving when countering Russian action as a result.

Many analysts have noted that Putin is adopting a far more confrontational stance on foreign policy. Putin has also been working to improve his military’s cohesiveness in the event that these new aggressive actions should provoke a response from the West. British intelligence officials believe Russia is using the Ukrainian battlefield as a stage to combine the combined tactics of their tanks, artillery and other heavy weaponry using sophisticated electronic warfare technology. The leaked document states that Russia already “outguns” British troops and looks to gain a further advantage by testing “new methods of warfare as well as testing modern and prohibited weapons.”

The Russians are believed to be developing and testing new technology that will allow them to pinpoint snipers using acoustic feedback, cause chaos in civilian areas by sending out mass text messages warning citizens of phony attacks, and GPS jamming signals that will cause enemy soldiers to become lost and disorientated on the battlefield.

The potential war will be a two-pronged attack. Traditional warfare will take place while Russia falls back on old practices used by the Soviet Union. The Russians plan to not only cause chaos through mass texts but slowly win over and influence both Russian and foreign citizens through complex social media based campaigns. Enemy soldiers will be monitored through social media. Several service members from a variety of nations have given away locations and sensitive information through social media posts and other activity. The deadliest attacks could come from an iPhone, rather than a gun. The document states:

“Britain must be better prepared to fight a war where everything is a weapon, from a gun to a drone to a Twitter feed”

General Denis Mercier, head of the Allied Command for Transformation (ACT), is one of many military officials urging politicians to be more ruthless and fast-acting when responding to Russian threats. He cited the Ukrainian battlefield as the basis for his plea. He stated to RT:

“It’s one of the lessons from Ukraine, High responsiveness relies on two points. On the military side it relies on the ability to operate very quickly. But it also relies on responsiveness in political decisions.”

Many analysts believe that tensions will continue to rise as Russia becomes ever-increasingly active and present in the global stage.