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92-Year-Old Veteran Punches Out Knife-Wielding Robber After Being Stabbed

August 26, 2016

A 92-year-old WWII veteran from Tulsa, OK gave a knife-wielding home invader the shock of a lifetime when he knocked the robber senseless during an attempted armed robbery. Mark Curtis, the tough as nails WWII vet, was trying to enjoy a sunny afternoon in his front yard when he was approached by a degenerate looking to make a quick buck.

Curtis said the man demanded his money while brandishing a knife. Curtis, rather than getting scared, was immediately infuriated by the young punk’s brazen robbery. He grabbed the man by the arm, receiving several non-life threatening stab wounds in the process, and punched him so hard that the man tumbled backwards out of his driveway and immediately took off running.

Curtis told reporters at News On 6 that the sight of the knife instantly enraged him. He has seen too much violence and received too many scars to have any fear of confrontation. After enlisting in the Army at only 17 he was captured by SS troops and held as a POW for 11 months. During this time he was beaten so badly he remains deaf in one ear to this day. In his later military service he almost lost an arm to a grenade, was shot in the stomach, and claims to still have shrapnel in his legs to this day.

What appeared to be an easy target for this knife-wielding degenerate turned out to be one of the toughest remaining soldiers from WWII. Curtis told reporters that he hopes this incident taught the robber a lesson about trying to take advantage of what appear to be defenseless targets. He doubts the robber will return and is focusing on his grandson’s upcoming wedding where he will be acting as the best man.