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TSA Employee Arrested Taking Pictures Up Women’s Skirts On Escalators

July 21, 2016

A Transportation Security Administration agent working at Seattle-Tacoma International airport has been arrested on voyeurism charges. The perverted 29-year-old agent left his assigned security checkpoint to follow a female passenger up an escalator and take photos up the woman’s skirt without her knowledge. A TSA special agent caught the employee, Nicholas Fernandez, in the act after several passengers filed complaints.

Airline passenger, John Comes, was one of many people to catch Fernandez in the act. He shared his experience on twitter on Jun 29, 2016, less than one month before Fernandez would be arrested for his perverted invasion of privacy.

Comes told local reporters at CBS affiliate KIRO 7 News:

 “I saw this bright light and I noticed it was his phone and he was holding his phone down by his knee,”

The TSA claims that they take sexual harassment and illegal behavior carried out by their employees very seriously. A spokes person for the TSA said in a statement:

“TSA does not tolerate illegal, unethical or immoral conduct. When such conduct is alleged, TSA investigates it thoroughly. When appropriate, TSA requests that it be investigated by a law enforcement authority. When an investigation finds that misconduct has occurred, the appropriate action is taken.”

Despite their claims that this type of behavior is not tolerated sexual harassment seems to be a reoccurring practice among TSA employees. Two employees were fired from Denver International Airport last year after reportedly groping male passengers in security lines. In  2008, a young woman from Amarillo, Texas had her breast publicly exposed during “extended search procedures.” An ABC reporter described her own experience as “worse than a trip to the gynecologist.”

Fernandez has been removed from his screening duties and has been suspended without pay. He has been jailed at Kings County jail in lieu of a $7,500 bail. Sources are reporting that Fernandez will be fired after his trial.