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Op-Ed: Rep. Zeldin: No One Is Above The Law – Not Even The Clintons

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Last week, FBI Director James Comey announced that criminal charges would not be recommended against Clinton for her mishandling of classified information via a private server. This decision came after a lengthy criminal investigation that found extreme carelessness in Clinton’s handling of sensitive national security information.


As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton not only put American lives at risk by grossly mishandling classified information, but then she lied about it. We are a nation founded by the people and for the people where every American, regardless of stature, faces the same scrutiny under the law. Today, however, it seems lady justice’s blindfolds are removed, as we have seen laws “rewritten” for Mrs. Clinton. Following the investigation, we, the American people, are still left with too many unanswered questions.

Hillary Clinton violated several federal laws, including Title 18, U.S. Code Sections 793(f) and 1924, mishandling sensitive national security information with gross negligence. What makes matters worse is that then she lied about it to Congress and the American public. Court rooms across America are filled with people being prosecuted for much less. Ask any of them how their opinion of justice is framed when the Attorney General of the United States has a private meeting with Bill Clinton just days before the entire investigation disappears?

While being questioned by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform last week, Director Comey stated that Secretary Clinton was not sophisticated enough in her knowledge of classification systems. How is it that a former First Lady, U.S. Senator, Secretary of State and a 2008 and 2016 major party Presidential Candidate could be unfamiliar with security classification? Now, Hillary Clinton, who likely wouldn’t be qualified today to work in the file room at the FBI, is the Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States and her criminal actions are getting swept under the rug.

One item that didn’t get much coverage following last week’s House Committee hearing is that Director Comey would not confirm or deny whether there is a separate active criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation. There has been speculation that donations made to the Clinton Foundation have been connected to access and policies within the State Department, during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. More light should be provided to the American public who are all engaged in the process of determining an extremely consequential Presidential election with impacts not just lasting years, but decades and generations.

Etched into stone on the outside wall of the Department of Justice reads the phrase “where law ends, tyranny begins.” From the mishandling of classified information via a private server to then lying about, or the unanswered questions that swirl around the Clinton Foundation, accountability and transparency must trump politics, access and status. The American way is that everyone is equal under the law. Even the Clintons.

Congressman Lee Zeldin represents the First Congressional District of New York. In Congress, Rep. Zeldin serves on the House Foreign Affairs, Veterans’ Affairs and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees.