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Leaked: Secret Text In The Iran Nuclear Deal Lifts “Nuke Restraints” In Just 10 Years

July 20, 2016

An unpublished text added to the Iran Nuclear deal contains language that could give Iran the ability to create nuclear weapons as soon as 2027. The associated press reports that the key restrictions that prevent Iran from creating a nuclear bomb will be significantly reduced in just 10 years. The revelation came from a “secret add-on” to the deal that has been unpublished and unreleased to the public. The Obama administration denies claims that there is a “secret” or unpublished section of the document and that the sanctions will stay in place for at least 15 more years.


The Associated Press reportedly obtained the document from an unnamed diplomat who had been working on projects related to Iran’s nuclear program for more than a decade. The “secret” text allows Iran to start replacing its mainstay centrifuges with thousands of advanced machines that can produce five times as much energy as the equipment currently available. This would allow the country to create a nuclear bomb in half the time it would take with current equipment once the current restrictions are lifted.

The current deal, without the unpublished text, prevents Iran from creating a nuclear weapon for at least 15 years. The unpublished text reportedly does not outline the restrictions after year 13 of the deal. Reporters at the AP have interpreted this to mean that all restrictions on centrifuges, and other equipment used to create nuclear weapons, could be completely dropped.

The unpublished document confirms Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claims that Iran’s “breakout time” for creating nuclear weapons was as low as six months. Obama not only denied these allegations but went as far as mocking Netanyahu and calling him a scaremonger for these allegations.

Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, states that the country will continue to pursue and expand its nuclear program as a matter of “pride.” Recently the country has conducted several ballistic missile tests. The missiles tested were not designed to carry nuclear warheads but could be altered to carry a nuclear payload if desired.

Once the restricgtions are lifted the time it would take Iran to produce a bomb would drop from one year to only six months or less.