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ISIS Using Store-Bought Drones To Drop Weapons In Middle East – Headed To Europe

July 29, 2016

There are growing fears in Britain that ISIS could used drones to carry out terror attacks in Britain and one ex-security minister says it could be easier for ISIS to obtain and use them in Britain.

According to the the former head of the Ex-U.K. Security Minister Admiral Lord West, these drones could be used as make-shift bombs in terror attacks. West called for tighter control of the drones as it was confirmed that ISIS are using drones in the Middle East to carry explosives as well as for surveillance. According to West, if ISIS are increasing the use of drones in the Middle East, it is likely that they will turn to Europe and the West to use the drones.

“I don’t think our control of drones is as tight as it should be,” West said. “If they are using them there, then in fact they are probably even easier to use them here because you can get them so much easier. You can pop into any store and buy them. Therefore I am very concerned.”

West advocated for the control of drones by suggesting that drones receive off switches if they reach a certain boundary. He also wants people to register their drones if those drones can carry a heavier load.

“There is a thing you can do which makes the drone inoperative if it goes on to a boundary of some area, it just stops being able to function. I think that should be mandatory in drones, West said. “The other thing is, I think buying drones of a certain size – let’s say ones that can carry two pounds weight and above – you should, rather like getting a gun license, have some way of proving who you are and registering.”

The Sun reported that a NATO chemical weapons expert claimed that the drone could be used to release World War I mustard gas.