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Honor: 107 Year Old WWI Veteran Talks About German Sniper Killing His Friend Only Feet From Him Mid Conversation

July 08, 2016

William J. Lake was one of the few remaining WW1 veterans when this interview was taken in 2003 at the age of 107. He was from Yakima, WA and sadly died a year later in 2004. In this video interview with Richard Rubin, Lake describes a situation where he and his friend were sitting on a bank, only feet from each other, when a German sniper killed his companion.


Lake explains what it was like to be speaking with his friend, in the middle of they day, when his friend died mid conversation. He then explains the grim fate of the sniper when he is discovered by American troops. What does Lake attribute his survival to? Nothing but luck.

God bless this man and we are sure he is resting peacefully high above.