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German Muslims Yell “Allahu Akbar” And “Sluts” Threatening To “Exterminate” Nude Bathers

July 29, 2016

A group of nudist bathers in Geldern in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany were verbally harassed and physically assaulted by a group of enraged Muslim men that stormed a well-known nudist pool. A group of six men charged the pool shouting “Allahu Akbar,” calling the women “sluts,” and spitting on several of the bathers for what they called “indecent behavior.” The group of men target men, women, and even children during their tirade. They threatened to “exterminate” the swimmers for engaging in unIslamic actives.

Victims of the deranged group of men described them all as German and Arabic speaking men in their mid to late 20’s with “Islamic style” beards. They state that many of the men were fluent in German and were believed to be second or third generation migrants.

The men first entered the pool and hurled insults at the bathers in both German and arabic. Several witnesses report hearing the men refer to the bathers as infidels. Lisa-Marie Theunissen, a staff member at the pool, confronted the men after several patrons complained. At this point the men then traveled to a nearby water-skiing facility where they continued to insult and disparage customers at that facility until they were chased from the facility by an employee.

The men then returned to the nudist swimming pool and continued their religiously-charged tirade. The staff immediately called the police to report the disturbance. When police arrived they identified the men but made no arrests. Local police have stated they will be investigating the matter further.

This latest incident is one of many involving migrants and muslims at German swimming pools. In order to reduce the number of crimes committed against women by refugees and migrants at German pools the Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals has suggested putting up signs in multiple languages to explain to foreigners that they must respect female patrons. They have also suggested training migrants and refugees to become lifeguards in the hopes that they can diffuse similar situations in the future. Left Party spokesman Özlem Demirel showed support for the measure, stating:

“People with multilingualism can dispel misunderstandings faster”

Several supporters of the plan to train refugees and migrants as lifeguards claim that the sexually repressed Muslim men believe that women dressed in bathing suits “want sex” and that having multilingual staff on site to teach visitors to respect women will reduce the number of “misunderstandings”, more commonly referred to as sexual assaults by those of western cultures.

Opponents of the measure claim that putting migrants and refugees in a position of power will only enable this behavior and make it easier for them to cover up any assaults that happen in the future.