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During Shooting: Dallas Open-Carrier Hands Gun To Police; Asks How To Help Save Lives

epa05414810 CAPTION ADDITION epa05414347 A handout picture released by the Dallas Police Department showing Mark Hughes. Dallas Police have cleared Mark Hughes as a suspect and released him from custody after originally naming him as a possible suspect in the shooting of multiple police officers during a protest in Dallas, Texas, USA, 07 July 2016. According to officials, four police officers were killed and several others were wounded as it appeared that two snipers shot the police from elevated positions during a protest rally in Dallas on 07 July. EPA/DALLAS POLICE DEPARTMENT/HANDOUT CATOPN ADDITION: ADDING INFORMATION THAT MARK HUGHES IS NOT CONTECTED TO THE DALLAS SHOOTING HANDOUT EDITORIAL USE ONLY/NO SALES
July 11, 2016

A man in a camouflage shirt exercising his Second Amendment rights by legally open-carrying an AR-15 who was previously misidentified as the gunman, ended up being the perfect citizen by helping out police officers during the Dallas shooting


At the time of the shooting, The Dallas police department tweeted a photo of Hughes with a rifle slung over his shoulder and wearing a camouflage T-shirt asking for the public to help find him, as he was a “person of interest” in the shooting.

During the protest, Hughes was expressing his Second Amendment rights by legally open-carrying an AR-15, which is legal in the state. Mark Hughes’ brother, Corey suggested that Mark hand over his weapon to the police so that they don’t think he was involved in the shooting.

“We know we’ve done nothing wrong, but there are photos of us all over social media,” Corey Hughes told Time. “I didn’t think it would be wise to walk out there with a gun.”

After finding out that he was a suspect in the shooting, he found some police officers and turned himself in saying that he wasn’t involved in the shooting. He was then questioned for thirty minutes by police before he was let go.

After the shooting, Hughes says that he has received hundreds of death threats after being mistakenly identified as the gunman.

A meme of Hughes has gotten million of views on Facebook as a result. 


This man, Mark Hughes, was plastered all over social media as a suspect in the shooting in Dallas.. Because he was open carrying his AR-15 at the protest…

As soon as the shootings started, he handed over his weapon to police and ask how he and his brother could help the situation. He turned himself in to clear his name.

He proved that it’s not the Gun that kills but Evil People behind the Gun. Thank you Mark