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Captain Morgan Petition Seeking Signatures To Allow Citizens Under 35 To Be President

July 21, 2016

A millennial petition through the White House petitioning system, created by the rum brand, Captain Morgan, is going around seeking signatures to allow citizens under the age of 35 to seek the presidency of the United States, through a Constitutional Amendment.

The petition, which currently has over 2,000 signatures, makes the claim that individuals under the age of 35 are just as worthy as people over the age of 35 to seek the presidency of the United States. The campaign is under the hashtag, #UNDER35POTUS.

The petitions says that millennials are at the forefront of social change and that the youth of America has shown in the past that they are just as capable as older candidates.

“Millennials are more than 75 million strong in the United States, and are leading change.

But when it comes to leading the nation at its highest level, they are faced with an impenetrable obstacle. Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution prohibits those under 35 from becoming President.

These citizens are leading social change. They are creating billion dollar companies. They are at the forefront of medical advancement. And they must be heard.

It’s clear that individuals under the age of 35 have been revolutionizing our country for centuries, and are just as capable as an older candidate.”

The petition calls for Obama to get Congress to address the age requirement.

“President Obama: Call on Congress to address the age requirement necessary for presidential office with an amendment to the Constitution to allow adults under 35 to be President.”

In order for the petition to be reviewed by the White House, 100,000 signatures have to be on the petition within 30 days of the petition’s creation. The petition to change the age requirement to run for President of the United States was created July 18.

The petition would do away with Article II, Section I, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution.

“It’s no secret that millennials have gradually been disengaging from the political process,” 33-year-old senior brand manager for Captain Morgan,Adrienne Cuschieri Grooms, said in a statement. “The fact that there are very few elected under-35s on Capitol Hill is symbolic of this disengagement, and bringing more young adults into the democratic system can only make our nation better. It’s not like we’re trying to create change for the sake of change. This is a very real and important issue. Millennials make up some of the most progressive, innovative, intelligent, and successful people in our country — why shouldn’t they be able to be president of the United States?”