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12 Officers Shot, 5 Dead At Dallas Black Lives Matter Protest

July 07, 2016

12 officers and two civilian have been shot and five officers have been killed in a terrible day for Dallas and for America. The shootings started around 9pm local time on Thursday in Dallas. Three suspects are in custody.

Below are our live updates starting Thursday night for a real-time update on events as they unfolded. You can start at the bottom and work your way up.

More information on Dallas shootings:

[UPDATE: 10:16 AM EST] – One suspect is confirmed dead. He was killed by a police-controlled explosive on the second level of a parking garage. The gunman claimed he wanted to “kill white people, especially white officers.” according to the Dallas Police Chief.

[UPDATE: 8:07AM EST] – Another officer has died bringing the death count to 5 and total people shot is now 12 officers and 2 civilians. The shooter that police were in a standoff with is now dead.

[UPDATE: 1:40AM EST] – Dallas Police announce that two suspects are in custody and a few other “persons of interest” are being questioned that police think may have been coordinating. Police have one suspect cornered in a parking garage who they have exchanged fire with and are negotiating with him.

The man has told the police that the end is coming, that there are bombs all over the parking garage and that he is going to hurt more police officers.

Police Chief and Mayor said no one should expect another update from them until the morning and they have to go make some hard decisions.

[UPDATE: 12:37PM EST] – The man in camo in the picture that the Dallas Police released (further below) has turned himself in. He was a lawful open-carrier and turned his gun into police as soon as the shooting happened and turned himself in the second he realized that people were mistaking him for the shooter. Here is his brother saying he wasn’t a shooter. There was also a shootout with a swat team elsewhere in downtown Dallas, that man is in custody and now a suspicious package has been found and is being dealt with.

[UPDATE: 12:18PM EST] – A fourth police officer has died and the police have no suspects in custody.

[UPDATE: 12:01PM EST – PRESS CONFERENCE] – The Dallas Police Chief has given a press conference stating 11 officers and 1 civilian were shot. Three officers were killed, some shot in the back. Two of the officers who were killed were Dallas Police and one was a Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) officer. DART which has its own police force. They are asking for help finding the suspects. Three others are in critical condition. They have one suspect “cornered.” He said the snipers were working to triangulate police officers.

The suspects have threatened to plant a bomb in downtown Dallas. They have reached out to federal agencies to help.


[UPDATE: 11:38PM EST] – Dallas Police Chief has stated a sniper has shot 3 officers dead and 7 others are injured, some in critical condition.


Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.57.13 PM

[UPDATE: 11:22PM EST] – Dallas Morning News confirms that one shooter is neutralized and a second shooter is “pinned down.”

[UPDATE: 11:11PM EST] – Police say that the first shooter has been neutralized and that they are negotiating with a second shooter. New reports are saying 3-6 officers are down after being shot at a Black Lives Matters protest. Pandemonium broke out and 30-50 shots were fired. Live stream is below. Other reports are saying that the shooters prepared and planned for this, were in camo and bullet proof vests. 10 people have now been arrested in the protest in New York City.

[UPDATE: 11:06PM EST] – Police on the ground are saying that there could be multiple shooters now with one possibly above the streets in a parking garage. Overall the scene is chaotic and unfolding.

[UPDATE: 10:46PM EST] – Shooter is still on the loose. Condition of the officers is unknown at this time. Approximately 30-50 shots were fired, reportedly from a rifle.

There is an active shooter situation and reports of multiple police officers shot at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas. Two live streams are below along with a video of the actual shooting sounds from a rooftop.

The protest is in response to two black men being shot and killed in recent days, Minnesota man Philando Castile and Alton Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Along with protests in Dallas there were protests that shut down streets in Manhattan, NYC and other parts of the country.

“I saw a downed officer … I saw the bullets hitting the cop cars,” marcher Michael Bautista told KDFW, saying the situation “feels like a war zone.”

KTVT reported that one officer was with the Dallas PD and the other was from Dallas Area Rapid Transit.

SWAT teams and riot police were deployed in an active shooter situation around a downtown parking garage near the Bank of America building.

Here is a video of the shooting and you can hear all the gunshots.


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