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Army Capt. Tells Story Of “Kicking The Crap” Out Of Pedophile Afghani Officer Keeping Boy Chained To Bed

July 15, 2016

Listen to a former Army Captain recount the time he “kicked the crap” out of an Afghani officer that was keeping a young boy chained to his bed as a sex slave. Now retired officer, Cpt. Dan Quinn, speaks about a young Afghan boy that was kept prisoner and systematically raped for approximately 10-14 days. When the boy’s mother pleaded with his captor to release him she was severely beaten. Quinn confronted the officer, who laughed in Quinn’s face after admitting his despicable crime.


Quinn knew that he and his fellow soldiers were the only ones that could help the family. Without their intervention the rapes would continue. When the mother returned with a black eye and other visible signs of a beating he decided to verify the allegations with other U.S. military commanders and local village elders. At this point he decided to take matters into his own hands and “kick the crap” out of the pedophile. Listen to his full story in the AudioBurst below!