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WW2 Veteran Recalls Pearl Harbor Bomb Dud That Saved His Life But Still Sank His Ship In Intense Interview

June 01, 2016

A WWII veteran recalls the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor as he watched helplessly from his vessel. He remembers being utterly speechless as the plumes of dark ominous smoke drifted to the sky in the distance. This Navy veteran was stationed on a coal carrier several miles away and could only watch on in horror as the Japanese fighter jets approached the main fleet at Pearl Harbor to carry out their mission of utter destruction.


The veteran in the AudioBurst below can only mutter out the words “what the heck” before their own ship is made victim of the Japanese onslaught. They watch helplessly as torpedoes zip past their ship and strike the warships in the distance. They watch the carnage as it unfolds and are prompted into action as a bomb is dropped directly on their ship. Luckily, the bomb didn’t explode. Unfortunately this still caused significant damage to their ship that would cause it to sink quickly.

Listen to this WWII Navy veterans full story in the AudioBurst below!

How would you have reacted to the bombing of Pearl Harbor if you were present? Sound off in the comment section below!