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(Video) See the world’s top five biggest guns

World's Biggest Guns (Worlds Biggest/YouTube)
June 24, 2016

This compilation video shows us the world’s biggest and most powerful guns ever created. Believe it or not these are all real.

First, take a look at the largest caliber rifle ever built, the SSK .950 JDJ Rounds. This monster was introduced by SSK Industries. It’s amazing .950 caliber bullet boasts 2400 grains and is propelled by 240 grains of powder. It packs quite a punch! Only three of these were ever produced because they really weren’t very practical. The rifle is too heavy to be shouldered and must be fired from a bench rest or a heavy bipod, according to Guns Fandom.

(Worlds Biggest/YouTube)

Next, check out the Guinness Book World Record holder, the revolver. This is a replica of Remington model 1859 Ryszard Tobys of Poland. The record holding revolver is a 28 mm caliber that weighs in at 99 pounds and has an accurate firing range of 50 feet. Ryszard Tobys took 2,500 hours to hand build this epic six-round revolver that fires 4.8-ounce lead balls, according to Wide Open Spaces.

Are you ready for the world’s biggest sniper rifle, the Anzio 20mm Sniper Rifle?

Anzio Ironworks developed this 20×102 mm ultra-long-range sniper system with the goal to push the limit for precision fire from 2,000 yards to 3,500 yards. The massively long gun put some holes in a vehicle that were mind boggling, to say the least. The gun measures six feet and eight inches and when there is no ammo in the chambers, it weighs 95 pounds, according to the Military Factory. It is specifically designed to promote the lowest possible amount of recoil. This weapon is far more like a cannon than it is a rifle.

(Worlds Biggest/YouTube)

Here is the world’s biggest gun used in combat, the Gustav Gun, built for Adolf Hitler during World War II to defeat the French. This giant cannon used 80 cm, 31-inch calibers and weighed in at 1350 tons. The projectiles weighed seven tons and could shoot up to 25 miles. Designed by Krupp Industries, the Gustav was 155 feet in length, 23 feet in width and 38 feet tall.  Massive!

Last but not least, the world’s largest machine gun, the 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft automatic cannon. No questions asked, this is the world’s largest machine gun, period and was the best automatic cannon anti-aircraft weapon of World War II.  It shoots 150-200 rounds per minute and weighs 4,370 pounds. This weapon remained in service after World War II concluded. The estimated cost of one of these in working order would be in the ballpark of $150,000 in today’s market.