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U.S. Army Paratrooper Veteran Destroys A Robber On Veteran’s Day

June 14, 2016

Check out this awesome video of a U.S. Army paratrooper veteran from the 82nd Airborne confronting a robber who is trying to get inside his home on the night of Veteran’s Day.


Andrew Myers, the United States Army veteran was notified by his neighbors that a man had broken into his house a few days prior to the second incident. He saw clothes and a cigarette butt in his basement after he checked his surveillance cameras and saw the man enter the basement.

Andrew Myers anticipated the man returning and breaking into his home. Myers was well prepared and created security improvements to alert him of movements in his fence line.

In the video, you can see the man approach Myer’s house in Seattle, Washington and attempt to open the basement door. Noticing that the door is locked, he goes around to the other side of the house.

Within a couple of seconds, Myers enters the video and checks to make sure the basement door is locked and that the intruder did not make his way in. Myers then makes his way to the other side of the house, catching up to the intruder who can be seen climbing up the stairs to the entrance of the house.

You can’t see the two confront one another at the top of the stairs but Myers told KIRO-TV that he said, “What’s up?” to the man.The man told Myers, “I live here.” Myers responded by saying “You definitely do not live here.” When the robber asked Myers who he was, he responded by saying “I do live here, buddy.”

Myers then said that the robber attempted to throw a punch at him. The two men enter the video frame again as they fight their way down the stairs, which is when the U.S. Army veteran takes complete control of the fight, pinning the burglar to the ground and throwing a flurry of punches. After the onslaught of punches, Myers holds the robber to the ground as his girlfriend, Megan Pierowicz calls 911.

Police arrive shortly after Myers manages to pin the man to the ground. They handcuff and take the beaten robber away.