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Trump: Hillary Is A “Rank Amateur” Regarding North Korea

June 16, 2016

Donald Trump said that if he were to become the next president, he wouldn’t mind meeting up with Kim Jong Un as long as the North Korean leader visited him in the United States because he feels confident he can “handle” the dictator.


Hillary Clinton recently criticized Trump for his willingness to speak with the supreme leader. Trump replied to Hillary’s ignorant comments by calling her a “rank amateur” for not being willing to “open a dialogue” with Kim Jong Un.

“She’s been doing it forever and she still doesn’t get it,” Trump told supporters at an Atlanta rally on Wednesday. “What the hell is wrong with speaking? And you know what? It’s called opening a dialogue.”

“If he came here, I’d accept him,” Trump said at the rally, referring to Kim Jong Un. He said he would meet with the North Korean Supreme Leader if he came to the United States, but not during an official state dinner.

“If he came here, I’d accept him, but I wouldn’t give him a state dinner like we do for China and all these other people that rip us off when we give them these big state dinners. We give them state dinners like you’ve never seen,” Trump said. “We should be eating a hamburger on a conference table and making better deals.”

“There’s a 10 percent or a 20 percent chance that I can talk him out of those damn nukes because who the hell wants him to have nukes? And there’s a chance — I’m only gonna make a good deal for us,” Trump said.