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Video: The top five guns with cult followings

Top 5 Guns With Cult Followings (TFB TV/YouTube)
June 24, 2016

Gun snobs exist. We’re talking about people that are so loyal to their favorite firearms that you’re constantly hearing them drone on and on about their favorite weapon.

The following video hilariously describes that one friend everyone has that just won’t shut up about why their gun is the best gun. Sit back and enjoy some quality Second Amendment humor and, if you find your favorite gun on the list, perhaps think about expanding your horizons.

(TFB TV/YouTube)

These five guns that have cult followings of those who champion these guns and borderline on fanatical. Take note — this video is about the communities that these guns have built and not the merit of the gun itself.

The first culprit is the Glock. The ravenous members of the Glock community are easy to spot as they will be sporting a Glock hat and T-shirt. They likely also have bumper stickers and possibly even tattoos of the weapon. The Glock’s slogan is “Perfection” so ask yourself why most Glock owners modify their weapons if they’re created perfectly?

Check out all five cult followings in the video below:

Next up is the M1 Garand. There was a time when these rifles were cheap and easy to find but that is no longer the case. Most fanatical owners of these guns swear they are as good as any rifle out there — and even better than the AR-15. Although it’s an icon, the M1 Garand is rarely superior in a matchup with modern rifles.

The FN Fusil Automatique Léger (FAL) community seems to stay on the down low likely coming from a secret society who memorizes a bunch of unnecessary info. They know every minute thing about their weapon of choice. If you ever need it serviced, prepare to go into the underground world for that. FN FAL always plays down any of the areas where the weapon may fall short.

Top 5 Guns With Cult Followings (TFB TV/YouTube)

Up next is the P7 pistol, which is often misunderstood. The P7 is said to be too costly but how can you put a price on perfection? Some also say it is too weighty, but most disagree and believe the design of the P7 was flawless from the start. The squeeze calking mechanism is brilliant, as is the low-profile slide and fixed barrel.

The gun with the biggest cult following is the 1911 pistol. Browning introduced this revolutionary pistol, but some call this gun a mistake. There are several different accumulators of this gun, some are collectors, those who use it in competition, and the casual owners. It is a piece of 100-year-old technology that is still relevant today, which is a thorn in the side of some Glock owners.