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This Is Real: British Special Forces Attack ISIS With Bollywood Music

June 03, 2016

British Special forces are using Bollywood music as a psychological warfare weapon against ISIS. The suggestion to use the music to drive the terrorist forces from the town of Sirte and a 115-mile stretch of the Libyan coastline came from a Pakistani-born intelligence officer. He claims that the music would annoy ISIS and drive them from the area because the terrorist organization claims music is un-Islamic.


The music will not only annoy ISIS fighters but may be considered a slap in the face to the organization. The Pakistani-born intelligence officer came up with the idea as a direct retaliation of Sharia law that was imposed inside the city of Sirte. Sharia law was instituted in the hopes of banning all things considered to be a part of “western culture” from the city.

British special forces are using a variety of methods to flood the city with Bollywood music. The psychological operations unit of the British military has been intercepting ISIS communication lines and drowning them out with the music. They have also placed several abandoned cars throughout the city after rigging them to blast the music at uncomfortable levels of volume.

The tactic has been very effective so far. Not only has the music succeeded in annoying ISIS fighters but it has caused several fighters to give away their positions when they contact fellow terrorists to complain about the music.

The video below is a compilation of the top Bollywood songs of 2016 and provide the perfect example of the music being used to defeat ISIS in Sirte.

Have you ever seen or heard of similar tactics being used against terrorists in the past? Share your stories in the comment section below!