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Texas Lawyer: California’s Gun Laws Could Be Causing More Shootings

June 13, 2016

Edwin Walker, a lawyer from the Texas Law Shield organization, takes a no-nonsense stance against the absurd ideology that argues that stricter gun laws lead to a safer America. Walker eloquently undresses the argument that restricting when and where licensed gun owners are allowed to carry their firearms leads to less gun violence. Instead he argues that these restrictions not only don’t prevent gun violence but even encourage it by making these “gun free zones” easy targets.


Walker doesn’t pull any punches and asks the hard questions; If these laws are effective in preventing gun violence why aren’t gun free zones the safest areas in the United States? If these laws are effective why are tragedies like the UCLA shooting still occurring? Walker’s final question is the final nail in the coffin for the anti-gun activists. If you were in the the same position as the professor that lost his life to a deranged gun man on the UCLA campus wouldn’t you at least want the option to defend yourself?

Listen to Walker’s full argument in the AudioBurst below!