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Sebastian Gorka: Jihad Needs To Be Defeated The Same Way Communism Was

June 24, 2016

Sebastian Gorka argues that, much like the cold war, Radical Islam can be defeated by ruthlessly destroying the ideology, not by dropping bombs.


Gorka points to Ronald Reagan’s actions and his famous plea to have Mikhail Gorbachev “Tear down this wall.” He claims that, in order to defeat jihadists, Radical Islam must be defeated as well. After a Jihadist is killed another can step up to take his place.

Gorka’s plan brings attention to an idea that other military officials have pointed to in the past. A war against an ideology must be fought on two fronts, the physical battlefield and the oft-forgotten intellectual battlefield. The key, according to Gorka is to kill the driving force behind the Jihadists and let the pawns fall after.