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Police Dept. Video: Instead Of Firearm Shows Fire Extinguisher As Weapon During Active Shooter Situation

June 17, 2016

Check out this video on how to survive during an active shooter event. In light of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, this is great information to have knowledge of, if the situation ever occurred. However something is dramatically missing.


The video explains three things that a person should do if an active shooter was in the area: Run, Hide, And Fight.

In the situation where you have to defend yourself against an active shooter, the video mentions fighting back. It mentions improvising a weapon to use against the shooter, but it shows people using fire extinguishers and other office supplies to defend themselves. The ideal thing in this situation is to have a firearm that can equal the firepower of a weapon that an active shooter would have.

An active shooter is looking to kill as many people as possible, so it is best to have a weapon that can stop the shooter from causing more harm to you or anyone else. In order to defend yourself properly, a firearm would be the best thing to have, not a fire extinguisher.

This video acts as if the Second Amendment doesn’t exist. It should tell people to get firearm training and to always carry that firearm to protect yourself and those around you like tens of millions of Americans already do.