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Parody Video Mocking NY Daily News Reporter Who Got “PTSD” Firing An AR-15 Goes Viral

June 16, 2016

An anti-gun journalist for the New York Daily News recently posted a video of himself shooting an AR-15 where he dramatically claims to have received “temporary PTSD” from firing a few rounds under the watchful eyes of an experienced shooting instructor. The Journalist’s delusional comments that shooting an AR-15 “feels like a bazooka and sounds like a cannon,” quickly earned him well-deserved ridicule on the the internet. Things are only getting worse for this journalist, a hilarious new video mocking him has gone viral.


The journalist from the New York Daily News, Gersh Kuntzman, repeatedly exaggerates the power and shooting capabilities of the AR-15. His thinly-veiled attempt to demonize the weapon as a “very very loud” and “scary” did little more harm for his cause than good. Knowledgable gun owners all over the country are rolling their eyes at Kuntzman’s contrived act in front of the camera and have labeled him a “delusional crybaby.” The video below is a hilarious recreation of Kuntzman’s time at the range that perfectly highlights the ridiculousness of his claims.

Kuntsman’s original video can be seen below. However, we must warn you that his video is a rage-inducing farce that could invoke a case of “temporary PTSD” for anyone that believes in the Second Amendment.