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Op-ed: Quikcord: A Revolutionary Product Designed To Eliminate Tangled 550 cord

Quikcord paracord dispenser/cutter tool (Photo Courtesy of Quikcord)
June 14, 2016

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Take a look at these guys!

A military vet and his business partner just solved a problem that almost any service member can relate to.

Paracord, commonly referred to as 550 cord. Have you ever used it? As a service member or outdoor enthusiast chances are you have, and that means you understand how difficult it can be to work with. In the military and especially during tactical situations when time is of the essence, 550 cord is always a tangled messes, and sometimes non-deploy-able. To make matters worse, once the cord becomes untangled you still need to find a knife to cut it.

This problem goes hand and hand with implementing a buzzsaw! If you can relate let me guess…You either tried to make one on site, aka in the pitch black and it probably wasn’t easy, or you had to find the cord “hopefully it wasn’t tangled”, find the IR chemlight… “hopefully PFC Jones still has his”, and pray it was not already opened or cracked.

QUIKCORD™ is a patent pending product that solves all these problems! QUIKCORD™ is a device that keeps, protects and dispenses 550 cord without ever allowing it to tangle. It incorporates a built-in cutter, along with a pre-assembled buzzsaw. The purpose of this product is to reduce the amount of valuable time spent fumbling around with 550 cord and/or assembling a buzzsaw, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our men and women during military situations.

These guys are just getting started but expect to have the product ready for field testing in the next few months. American Military will let you know when QUIKCORD™ is available.

Check out their video explaining the product’s capabilities and let us know if this is something you would love to have in your hands!