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Op-ed: 35 Year Law Enforcement Official: Make Gun-Free Zones Illegal

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I am not one to say “I told you so”, but, “I told you so.” When are we going to stop this insanity? When will people realize that laws, and gun bans, and posting stupid worthless signs mean absolutely nothing and do nothing to stop these attacks and shootings?


The nightclub in Orlando where the now largest mass shooting in America has taken place was supposed to be a “Gun Free Zone”. Well you see how well that worked. Just what did the no guns policy do for the victims at the club? All it did was ensure that they would be unarmed and unable to fight back against their attacker.

While they waited hours for the police to come to the rescue they had to sit or lay or whatever they were doing and either wait to die, or wait to be rescued. How idiotic is that? By making the nightclub a gun free zone the owners, the legislators and others responsible for it did nothing but make sure the body count was higher and more people died.

I can come up with several ideas that may have changed the outcome of this mass shooting though. First one is to make all gun free zones illegal! Outlaw areas where murderers, being the cowards they are, go to find defenseless victims. Why do you think the coward chose the nightclub that he did? He chose it because of the clientele making it a hate crime, and the other because it’s a gun free zone and the victims would more than likely be defenseless. If gun free zones did not exist and people with concealed weapon licenses (CWL) were allowed to carry everywhere they go, then there would be at least a chance that someone could have fought back in this situation.

Second, allow open carry of firearms. Why do you think police officers carry openly? I was one for more than 35 years so I have a little insight into this and I also train law enforcement officers in firearms use.

They open carry because it’s easier and faster to get to their firearm, and it serves as a crime deterrent. Why would those two things not work for a citizen that wanted to do the same? What reason could possibly be given to justify not allowing open carry? I hear it will make them a target. Well look at the other 43 states that allow open carry of some kind. Targeting does not happen and only a couple of instances have occurred within years of open carry being instituted.

Some will say it will be the wild west and blood will run in the streets. This is actually the opposite and it has not happened where it’s legal. In fact just the opposite has happened, crime has gone down where open carry is permitted according to FBI statistics.

The unjustified fear that many anti-gun advocates voice just are false baseless claims. Your fear does not trump my Constitutional right to defend myself and my family and friends!

If an anti-gun advocate says we need more gun control or to outlaw certain guns or magazines, point them to Chicago and Washington DC who have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and have the highest murder rate of the nation also. Coincidence? I think not.

We need to take a serious look at our gun laws and see what the reality behind this most recent mass murder is. Laws do not stop these shootings. But an armed public may, just may, help to stop it or reduce the number killed. The Florida Legislature should be ashamed of itself for failing to pass the Open Carry and Campus Carry bills it had the chance to this year. At least those two laws would have been in the right direction, not backwards.

Let us at least use this latest mass murder as a wakeup call to make sure that we understand that laws do not stop murderers, that’s already against the law. Let people defend themselves.

Chris is a U.S. Army Veteran and has been in law enforcement the last 35+ years. He specializes in LE Firearms Instruction, and is in charge of a large Police Academy in North Florida. In his spare time Chris is a free-lance Military Reporter and owner/founder of the Largest Military Videos Channel on YouTube “3rdID8487”.