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New Easy-To-Use Machine Makes Untraceable AR-15s

June 28, 2016

From the organization that created the world’s first fully D-D printed gun, the nonprofit organization, Defense Distributed created a machine that can let anyone with a small background in technology to make untraceable AR-15’s.


The untraceable gun that has no serial numbers is called the Ghost Gunner. According to Bloomberg, the $1,500 machine has received more than 600 orders, but there is a long list of people waiting to get their hands on it.

The Ghost Gunner is able to be made because of a loophole in a firearms law. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms tightly controls the receiver, which holds the firing mechanism and components such as the trigger and the barrel. A receiver is considered to be a firearm by regulators.

Many manufacturers sell “80% receivers.” It is a metal shaped receiver that doesn’t include holes and cavities for working parts. The other 20% would be needed to make it a firearm. The final 20% of the receiver needed to make a complete receiver can be made with CNC tools, also known as computer numeric control tools. These machines normally cost over $5,000 and require advanced skill in order to operate them.

To create a Ghost Gunner, a CNC mill is put in a box the size of a microwave and has easy-to-use control software.

The creator of the Ghost Gunner is “crypto-anarchist” Cody Wilson, who operates the small nonprofit organization in Austin, Texas. According to Bloomberg, Wilson believes that with this new machine, it advances the belief system of total freedom from authority.