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(VIDEO) German WWII bunker opened for first time since the war

Bunker found. (WW2HistoryHunter/YouTube)
June 10, 2016

In the Berlin underground train station Gesundbrunnen, there is a green door which thousands of people pass every day, completely blind to the mysteries that lie on the other side.

In this video, a previously unopened German bunker is finally breached in Nov. 2015. With tools in hand and the prize at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to get to work. The target is covered in cemented in bricks. The “history hunter” is having a real struggle and cannot break the barrier initially until he thinks of a different plan.


He returns with his daughter for reinforcement, and a large pole that resembles a giant silver crayon. After making rejuvenated attempts with a new tool, he finally achieves success. After slamming the tool into the face of the brick, it crumbles. Soon he breaks through the entire brick, but more work awaits to get in the bunker.

Take a look at the video below to see how they got in and what they found inside:

The history hunter promised his daughter she could be the first inside. Through her frustration at the wall, she finished breaking through it all and breached the bunker.

The white painted walls are exposed within, making it easy to spot all of the massive spiders that lurk within. There is an old rusted out ventilation system sitting in the water covered floor, bearing the date of 1939. They also find an old porcelain coffee mug that was made in Poland.

The pair finds another entrance — an actual door. Everything in the bunker was originally designed to be airtight in the event of a chemical attack. When the war was over, the doors and vent shafts were closed back up. When the history hunter was done exploring, he covered the entrance with foliage in an attempt to leave it undisturbed as he found it.

The history hunter ultimately found an old rusted hand grenade lid, a little bottle presumably associated with ink, part of a hair comb, a spoon, a German uniform belt hook, a couple of buttons, a German uniform button, a 9mm bullet cartridge, parts of a broken coffee cup that show the swastika and the German Eagle, and an old German coin.


The bunker at Gesundbrunnen is one of 100 of this type in Berlin and most are underground. This one has been untouched since WWII and most of what remains has been rusted out. Today, it is possible to tour many of the deserted bunkers from that era but many also remain undiscovered, leaving “history hunters” like this one to explore the unexplored.