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(VIDEO) ISIS passenger takes a ride with combat veteran Uber driver

ISIS takes ride with combat vet uber driver (Screenshot/Youtube)
June 08, 2016

Check out this hilarious mock skit of a combat veteran driving an ISIS passenger during an Uber ride.

The YouTube channel “A Combat Veteran” is chock-full of hilarious videos for vets and civilians alike. This video in particular answers the question, “What would happen if a combat veteran Uber driver had a member of ISIS as their passenger?”

This video most likely accurately details what would happen if a combat veteran ever met a member of ISIS in person. However, getting to the part where he gets out of the car and beats him to a pulp would probably happen much faster.

A Combat Vet picks up ISIS passenger (YouTube)

As the veteran pulls up to his destination to pick up his passenger, he notices a man wearing a white long robe and a headscarf. The man, struggling to speak English, asks the veteran if he his the Uber driver, to which the veteran says yes. As the passenger gets into the vehicle, he tightly holds onto his suitcase.

The veteran, who has pulled out a small strip of bacon and begins eating it, asks the passenger why he is heading to the airport. Immediately, the passenger tells him to stop asking questions about where he is going and who he is going to visit and to just drive the vehicle.

Check out this hilarious video to see the conversation unfold after the combat veteran becomes suspicious of his passenger:

After enough persistence from the combat veteran, the passenger says that he is going to visit his friend Hussein.

After the veteran asks what his name is, the passenger tells him. The veteran then pulls up his phone and checks to see if the passenger’s name is on the FBI database. The passenger immediately gets scared and tells the combat veteran to not get the FBI involved.

The veteran then tells the honest truth to the passenger and that he is not bringing him to the airport. He then clocks out and tells the passenger that the ride is for free.

The passenger gets scared and takes a bomb out of his suitcase. The veteran, with a scowl on his face, gets out of the car, grabs a baseball bat out of his trunk and continually beats the ISIS passenger with it, saying “this is for America.”

Combat Vet eats bacon in front of ISIS passenger (YouTube)

The veteran then grabs the suitcase in the car and throws both it and the passenger into the trunk of the car.

The combat veteran drives away and a news station flashes across the screen on a television saying that ISIS has planned attacks on American soil.