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ISIS Executioner “The Bulldozer” Cries Like A Baby When Caught And Put On Display Half-Naked Writhing In Pain

June 01, 2016

The obese ISIS executioner known as “The Bulldozer” has been captured by the Syrian Army and as a result, reduced to a heaping pile of whimpering cowardice as he’s transported in the back of a pickup truck half naked and writhing in pain.  


The capture of the infamous executioner puts an end to his reign of terror he administered with his three-foot sword that he used for summary executions and punishments of public beheadings and the cutting off of hands and feet respectively.  Crowds gathered around the pickup truck to take pictures of the whimpering former ISIS executioner before Syrian Army personnel drove him off to parts unknown.  

“The Bulldozer” was widely known for carrying out dozens of public beheadings and cutting off the limbs of young children; he was part of the ISIS “chopping committee” who, with wanton disregard, carried out these heinous acts under the guise of anonymity until his capture where his true identity is finally revealed; he is Mohammed Emwazi.

Emwazi is responsible for the maiming of a 14 year-old Syrian boy who tells his story of his encounter with “The Bulldozer,” which he states his hand and his foot were cut off because he refused to join ISIS.  This was common place with the rotund ISIS executioner and no one, regardless of age, was off limits from his carnage on behalf of the extremist group.  

Emwazi additionally never shown his face on film, always choosing to keep his face hidden like the rest of the cowards of ISIS, but now that the Syrian Army has him in custody, the days of him enjoying anonymity are over…if he lives that long.  

Will the capture of “The Bulldozer” hurt or help ISIS in their continued wrath of terror and death? Sound off in the comments below!