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Is This The Most Intense And Shocking Combat Footage From WWII?

June 10, 2016

WWII may seem like a distant memory to may people living in the Untied States today. It has been glorified in movies, T.V. and even video games. As a society we have become desensitized to the violence and bloodshed caused by “The Good War”. This video is a sobering reminder that real people made real sacrifices to defend our nation, and the world, against the forces of evil. This video is a compilation of some of the most intense and shocking clips recovered from WWII footage.


It was created to remind viewers of the true horrors of war and remind us that WWII didn’t just exist on the silver screen. The horrors and pain experienced by actors in Hollywood is a mere representation of the the true horrors experienced by real soldiers. See a compilation of their most intense struggles below.