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Imam Linked To Orlando Terror Attack “Jokes” About Beheading Journalists On TV

June 16, 2016

A fundamentalist Imam from Florida that reportedly had ties with the homegrown terrorist that committed the Orlando massacre has made headlines yet again. The controversial Imam, Abu Taubah (AKA Marcus Dwayne Robertson), appeared on Fox News to defend himself against claims that an online seminary he runs pushes radical Islam on to its students. Despite his intentions of clearing his name Taubah only further demonized himself by “jokingly” stating he believes ” journalists need to be beheaded.”


Imam Abu Taubah is a former U.S. Marine turned Islamic fundamentalist that runs an online Islamic seminary called Timbuktu Seminary. Before turning into the controversial figure he is today Taubah went by his given name, Marcus Dwayne Robertson. Taubah has a history of violence and extremism. In the early 90’s he served as a body guard for  Omar Abdel Rahman, the leader of a group widely believed to have orchestrated the World Trade Center bombing of 1993.

Shortly after this time Taubah was arrested for illegal weapons charges and an illegal tax offense that was later tied to global terrorism. Wire taps from 2011 proved Taubah forced one of his students to file false tax returns in order to fund travel to Mauritania for training in terrorism and suicide bombing. Taubah was considered so dangerous he was assigned private guards and was later placed in solitary confinement for attempting to radicalize up to 36 of his fellow inmates.

Taubah was later released from prison and has since denied any involvement with radical Islam and has claimed to have changed his violent ways. Despite these claims Taubah has openly preached against the “sin” of homosexuality and was unable to complete a single interview without advocating violence against journalists.

In the video below Taubah advocates for stoning women to death, laughs at the thought of a female president and “jokes” about believing journalists deserve to be beheaded. Watch the full interview bellow to hear all of his shocking comments: