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Husband Faces Assault Charges For Beating Guy To Death Who Tried To Rape His Wife

June 01, 2016

Mamadou ­Diallo, a cab driver from the Bronx, is facing assault charges for beating a man to death with a tire iron. The man he killed had attempted to rape his wife but Diallo raced home and intercepted the rapist while trying to flee in an elevator.


Diallo was working when he received a frantic cell phone call from his wife. She explained that a man broke into their apartment and attempted to rape her. She was able to fight him off with the help of her 16 year old cousin. The intruder, 43-year-old Earl Nash, was still inside the apartment when Diallo arrived on the scene. Diallo and his wife went to the sixth floor where Nash was hiding. Diallo confronted Nash and administered a two minute beating that ultimately led to Nash’s death.

The incident started when Nash knocked on the Diallo’s apartment door at approximately 9:15 PM on Monday. Diallo’s wife opened the door expecting their 16-year-old son, when she say it was Nash she attempted to close the door but Nash forced his way inside. According to the New York Post he shouted:

Career criminal Earl Nash

Career criminal Earl Nash

“I don’t want money — I’m going to rape you,”

The two women were able to fight Nash off but were stripped of their clothes and received minor injuries in the process. Diallo was down the block looking for a parking space when he received the call from his wife. He quickly raced inside and the two pursued Nash to the sixth floor. Diallo immediately attacked Nash when his wife identified him as her attacker. The beating lasted two minutes while Diallo pummeled Nash with the tire iron as he feebly attempted to fight back using his belt as a weapon.

Nash was left with severe body trauma and a fractured skull. First responders rushed Nash to Lincoln Hospital where he died from his injuries.

Diallo was originally charged with manslaughter for the incident. The charges were later dropped to two counts of assault, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon during his arraignment. The hearing was attended by several members of Diallo’s family and mosque. The incident is being viewed as an act of selfdefense. Prosecutors at the hearing didn’t ask the judge to set bail and instead agreed to what they residing judge thought was best. The judge released Diallo on his own recognizance.

The incident is being viewed as an act of self defense by all parties involved. Diallo is a well-respected member of the community and hopes to put the incident behind him.