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(VIDEO) Drill sergeant catches soldier snoring, napping; then soldier lies to him

Drill Sgt catches Soldier sleeping (Guillermo Roman/YouTube)
June 02, 2016

Basic training isn’t the place to take a nap, but that’s exactly what one Army private did — and got himself in hot water for.

In the video, the drill sergeant has taken notice of an Army private laying down next to a tree during basic training. The drill sergeant quietly approaches the private ever so carefully and quietly for the next two minutes.

(Guillermo Roman/YouTube)

The sound of the private snoring can be heard until the drill sergeant decides to wake him up by pulling his gun out from under him.

Quickly after waking up, the private lies to the drill sergeant to try to get out of trouble. He tells the drill sergeant multiple times that he was not sleeping. He insists that he was just going over his TC in his head. However, he is so disoriented that he calls the drill sergeant the improper title, which doesn’t bode well for him in combination with his lying.

Check out the exchange below:

“Call me sergeant again and I’m going to destroy you,” the drill sergeant tells him.

The drill sergeant gives the private several chances to tell the truth, but the private instead sticks to his lies, digging himself into a worse situation.

“So you were not sleeping, right?” the drill sergeant asks him a final time.

“Drill sergeant, I was not sleeping, drill sergeant,” the private responds.

“Okay,” the drill sergeant says calmly before the video ends.

The lying private likely got reamed by the drill sergeant, and the whole team could be subject to the punishment too.

(Guillermo Roman/YouTube)

Although basic training teaches soldiers to function while sleep deprived and it can be difficult to stay awake in various situations, it’s absolutely unacceptable to fall asleep, especially on fire watch.

Sleeping during BCT could earn this private an Article 15. Once out of training, it could earn a court-martial appearance.

Further, it is considered a poor reflection of one’s integrity to not own up to mistakes, to lie about it, and especially to continue lying about it when caught.

Basic training is specialized to best prepare recruits for the eventual deployment into the combat zone. The rules must be adhered to and there are consequences when the rules are not followed. These recruits are expected to grow into well-rounded soldiers capable of profound bravery, impeccable integrity, tremendous strength and responsibility, making the greatest sacrifices. There is no room for error.