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Dr. Herb London Bluntly Tells The World “We Are Superior To ISIS”

June 03, 2016

Dr. Herb London explains the ideological differences between the United States and ISIS and what must be done to defeat the evil force sweeping across the Middle East and the world. London bluntly, yet articulately, explains that the ideals and values held by the United States and their allies are superior to the barbaric values of ISIS and other extremist factions. He explains that the battle against ISIS and religious extremism doesn’t end on the battlefield and is a long-term battle against an evil ideology.


How is it we can talk about life, they talk about death? How is it we believe people have opportunities in this world and they argue, people do not? How is it we engage in innovation, they engage in destruction?

London explains that the battle against radical Islam and ISIS isn’t limited to the battlefield. He claims that we can’t bomb away an evil ideology. Killing current ISIS members is only part of the battle. The more important aspect of this war on terror is making sure that the world understands that our ideologies are superior to the backwards thinking terrorists in the Middle East. He agrees that we must meet ISIS troops on the battlefield to wipe them from the face of the earth and is in no way against fighting the group but acknowledges that it is only part of the battle.

Our ideas are superior. I use that word superior, even though I know there are many that would obviously oppose it, but yes, we are superior.

It’s blatantly obvious to any rational human being that ISIS is an evil organization that is hell-bent on bringing destruction and despair to all that oppose them, yet people still join their ranks. London argues that the most important aspect of the war on terror is to make it clear to all people that ISIS is an evil force that is nothing but a detriment to society. Once we can prove they have nothing to offer we can truly wipe them out.

Listen to the AudioBurst below for Dr. London’s full commentary on the issue.

How do you think the United States can effectively show the world that our ideologies are superior to the ideas held by ISIS? Sound off in the comment section below!