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Democrat Senator Feinstein: Americans Must “Prove That You’re Innocent” To Buy Guns

June 22, 2016

In light of recent events regarding the terrorist attack in Orlando, a series of gun control measures have been making their way to the U.S. Senate.


On Monday, The Senate rejected multiple bills that would infringe upon Second Amendment rights and lead to more gun control.

Some of the most recent bills that are being proposed to the Senate have to do with purchasing weapons when on the terror watch list. A recent provision that was put forth by the Republican party included alerting law enforcement agencies when an individual on the terror watch list in the last five years bought a gun.

When Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein went on PBS to talk with journalist Judy Woodruff, Woodruff pointed out that Mateen was not on a terror watch list at the time he bought the weapons used to kill 49 people in the Orlando terrorist attack. She added that some Republicans are rightfully worried that due to these events, more innocent people could be added to the terror watch list and be barred from purchasing a firearm.

There is no due process to end up on the terror watch list so being put on the list with no due-process would mean stripping Constitutional rights away from people with no oversight.

This could quickly turn into putting whoever on the terror watch list, then also stripping away more and more rights. It’s an extremely slippery slope that the government, due to their blatant lies about privacy rights and lack of due-process with other rights, cannot handle.

To get off the watch list, Feinstein said law-abiding citizens who have not been accused of or are guilty of being a terrorist, nor having committed any crime whatsoever would have to prove their innocence to the government.

“You can petition and prove that your innocent and get off of the watch list,” Feinstein said.