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Awesome Dad Sells Disrespectful Son’s Car On Craigslist

June 07, 2016

A Florida dad sold his pot smoking son’s car in hopes of teaching him a life lesson and steering him down the straight and drug-free path.


Allan Gieger made the decision to sell his son’s 1998 Ford Explorer because he says his son “thinks it’s cool to drive around with his friends smokin’ dope and acting all thug and especially not showing me and my wife the respect that we deserve,” Gieger wrote in his Craigslist ad.

Gieger even decided to take off $250 for anyone that lives on the Westside “just so he sees it every now and then so it’ll remind him of how how good he had it,” Gieger said.

The post was shared on Facebook over a thousand times with mostly people praising Giegers parenting decision.

Gieger told CNN that he only had his son’s best interest at heart. They did not approve of their son’s actions when he disrespected them by driving around with friends and smoking pot.

“Like every parent, we went through every avenue,” Gieger told CNN. “We tried talking to him.” Unfortunately for Gieger, it did not work.

The teen now says he plans to turn his life around and earn his diploma.

The truck sold in just two hours and Gieger made the decision to keep the ad up to remind his son to stay in line.